2022 was the exception to our long standing tradition. The pandemic shut us down for 2020 and 2021. And then a contagious equine virus prevented any horse participation in the 2022 parade. 2023 we return to normal!

This Swallows’ Day Parade is one of the nation’s largest “Non-Motorized” parades. Parade participants are prohibited from the use or inclusion of motorized vehicles or motorized devices (generators / golf carts / scooters, etc.) excluding medically approved electric wheelchairs. Floats must be either horse or hand drawn with no exceptions!

The parade order and staging information will be sent to accepted entries ten (10) days prior to the parade. As a reminder … banners and banner carriers are the responsibility of the participant.

Submission of this application does not constitute acceptance into the parade. We will accept applications, as needed, to properly balance the parade and stay within the acceptable length of the parade. Details on Parade Judging, Awards, Rules and Fees, as well as other important information can be found below.


If you have not already paid the entry fee, you may do so below.

Non-profit/School Entries:
Pay your $50 Entry Fee here

Entries (1-4 people):
Pay your $50 Entry Fee here

Entries (5-50 people):
Pay your $100 Entry Fee here

Commercial/Business Entries:
Pay your $200 Entry Fee here

Note: Commercial entries may carry the NAME ONLY of the sponsoring firm or organization. The $200 entry fee is required with submission of the application. Groups over 50 need to submit an entry fee for each group of 50. Please make your checks payable to: SJC Fiesta Association or use the online payment option that will be emailed to you upon your acceptance in the parade by the Parade Committee.


This is an adjudicated parade. Decisions of the Judges will be final. With the exception of the equestrian units, all competitive units adjudicated by SCSBOA must maintain a pace of 220 feet per minute through the competition area. Competitive units must not stop in front of the SCSBOA adjudication stand.

Bands Judging: Will be by the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA). Bands, Drum Majors, Auxiliary Units, Solo Majorettes, Majorettes, Percussion, and Marching Units will be judged in line of march.

Equestrian Judging: Will be judged by a Professional Equestrian Parade Judge from the California Show Horse Association (CSHA). Equestrians will be pre-judged at 8:00 A.M. on Buchheim field. You must be pre-judged to qualify for an award. Pre-judging ends promptly at 10:00 A.M.


All band and equine awards will be presented at Historic Town Center Park (across from the Mercado) approximately 30 minutes following the parade. You do not want to miss the excitement of these presentations and winners. Light Tower You must be present to receive an Award as we do not mail out trophies, plaques, or belt buckles.


Bands: Trophies are awarded for 1st, and 2nd place in categories A, B, and C. The prestigious Swallows Sweepstakes Trophy will be awarded for best band unit.

Equine: Equestrian horse drawn, and hand drawn float categories will receive plaques for 1st and 2nd categories marked with an asterisk (*) will receive belt buckles for 1st place with the famed Swallows Logo and Lettering, 2nd place will receive plaques.


Failure to follow Parade Officials instructions shall be cause for disqualification and no awards will be issued.

1. At no time is any person or unit allowed to handout or throw anything along the parade route. This creates a potentially dangerous situation between spectators and horses.

2. All parade participants must be checked in by 10 a.m. The Parade will start promptly at 11 a.m. A late check-in will be subject to disqualification and you may not be able to participate in the parade.

3. Forward motion must be maintained throughout the parade route. Entries must remain in assigned position throughout the entirety of the parade.

4. Prior to entering the line up the Parade Application and Liability release form must be signed by each individual participant and turned in at Check In.

5. Bands directors must have in their possession parent release liability forms. The Parade committee must approve all entries.

6. Any participant causing the delay of the parade or interfering with the orderly management of the Parade is subject to disqualification.

7. Individuals under the influence or have possession of Alcoholic beverages and/or illegal substances are strictly prohibited. Violators will be removed immediately from the parade.

8. Decorations must be fireproof.

9. Balloons and noisemakers are prohibited.

10. Political or controversial entries are prohibited, as is handing out political information.

11. Participants are prohibited from discharging firearms, sirens, or creating loud noises, along the parade route.

12. All participants must be uniformed, costumed or appropriately attired.

13. There is a limit of 50 people of each group, except for marching bands. Children will be permitted to march ONLY if accompanied by one adult for every 10 children.

14. The Parade Committee shall remove any animal or entry they deem unfit for the safety of the parade.

15. The Parade Committee accepts no responsibility for false statements made by applicants or entrants.

16. Distribution or throwing of merchandise or articles by any participant is not permitted along the parade route. This includes candy, trinkets and similar items.

17. Any such activity will result in immediate disqualification.

18. Parade participants are prohibited from the use or inclusion of motorized vehicles or motorized devices (generators / golf carts / scooters, etc.) excluding medically approved electric wheelchairs.

For more information please contact:

The Fiesta Association
P.O. Box 532
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693


Jim Taylor – 949 510-6531